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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Get the Look!

My Occasional Glam Makeup
simply by :

At first, I initially titled it "Everyday Glam Makeup" but it's too much for day wear! So I figured this look is more appropriate for Going out, or I don't know, make your boyfriend fall madly in love with you? lol

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Apply all over the lid. 
Apply to bottom lash line. (Optional)

Blend out in the crease.

Highlight the brow bone
Apply to inner tear duct. (Optional)

Line your lash line with a dark brown. Then smudge to smoke out into a V-Shape

Face & Cheeks:
 As seen in the video I used Chanel Matte Lumier Foundation. I am in the shade 86 Sand

I mixed my concealer with MUFE 5 palette concealer.
Apply under the eyes and blemishes on cheeks.
Discontinued from Lancome. Originally $27

Apply powder bronzer all over cheeks.

Apply Slightly on cheeks to add color.

Highlight cheek bones and the highlights of the face. 
This is an awesome deal! Limited Edition Originally $45
Smahbox 'Illume' Lipgloss

The Finished Look:

Use my Coupon Code: JLovesMac1 
 10% off all orders $45 or more.
 Good until Sept 10


Back to School Contest Winner
This Beautiful Lady


Her Contest Video 

You guys are the best!
It was extremely difficult to pick a winner. Trust me, I wanted to pick everyone! Thank you all so much for those who joined the contest. I watched every single video and each one made me smile. Please keep making videos because it will make me very happy! You guys have inspired me so much that I will have more giveaways and contests to say how much

Tina Nguyen
is such a cute little quite mouse. lol. I adored her style and her real personality. She will inspire you all! Go watch her videos because she is amazing! And you all were the best.
Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you 


  1. Stunning make-up look hun, I'll definitely try this one out x

  2. Wow your makeup is so gorgeous <3
    Love your videos, keep up the amazing work sweetie :)

    xoxo Christine

  3. damnnnnnnnn,
    girl you look AMAZINGGGG<3
    seriously, i can't wait to see what other look you'll do next!

  4. i love how you do your eye make up, im trying to put on a smoky look in daytime, but i always feel its way too much or its over done but it's still looks nice? advice on smoky looks in the daytime

  5. [[ REQUEST ]]: its random but do u think u can show us how u keep your binder/folders etc organized or how u take notes in class.. some tips on how to keep organized in school.. or probably studyin tips =]

  6. hey jarmaine! you need to tell us what circle lenses you wear! on your youtube channel it says brown, but they look grey! are they new ones?

    oh and still wanna know what blush brush you use!! :)

  7. You look glamming girl! Hair tutorial please? It's probably so simple but you got volume in your hair and it looks like, uhh........ office look? Almost like you're the president of a company. haha. What lenses are you wearing? circle lenses?

    She's gorgeous. Congrat to the winner!

  8. Yes!! Hair tutorial please!!

  9. love it all


  10. it looks really pretty. Love the whole look.

  11. hey check out my contest im having it goes until sept 10th....its on my beauty channel on youtube macaddict913 :)

  12. looksamazing!!! congrats to the winner! I love your blog and youtube channel!!

  13. For some reason the code doesn't work for me =(

  14. Your makeup is beautiful! Hair tutorial please?
    I really enjoyed the change of colors in your blog. It was much more charming and beautiful.

    I learned a lot about makeup in your videos. Thank you Jermaine. I really like your videos. You inspired me to make my own videos. But I'm not good at doing makeup. I'm very good at art nail and my videos are on it.
    Please watch my video art nails with leopard print tutorial? The video is in Portuguese but you can see how I did my art nail.

    Sorry my english. ;)

  15. This is seriously beautiful!!! I am so jealous of your skills lol :)

    feel free to check out my blog:

  16. VERY lovely, and truly put together. It has such an oldschool glam vibe, I just love it! This really is my go-to look, although maybe a tad less drama for day time and work.

    Fly as usual!

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  18. Hey doll... i saw this and thought u might adore this. It's a hello kitty lunch thing... hope u like it