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Friday, October 8, 2010

I love Nicki Minaj!

Kanye West "Monter" ft Jay Z, Nicki Minaj
Sean told me about this song yesterday. I couldn't stop listening to it.
This song is like a BIG "What?!" to Haters. lol


  1. This is awesome :)
    I adore you and your videos. Keep being yourself and never change, you rock :)

    xoxo Christine <3

  2. this comment isnt related to this vid...but its for ur youtube facts...So how do u pay for school if you've terminated ur job?

  3. Awww.. glad we share that in common!
    I love Nicki! :)
    She's soo unique!


  4. hey girl this is an altered version. the sound is higher.
    this is the version that isn't altered. the voices are normal and kayne doesn't sound like a chipmunk lol

  5. aha its my favorite songs. it's been on all the radio stations. i cant believe u just heard about me. lols

  6. "Have you ever had sex w/ a Pharaoh?" lmaooo c'mon now that's the BEST part!

  7. I like nicki minaj too no matter what they say. By the way you forgot the S in Monster.

  8. Helooooo! I had commented that I love your videos, especially the funny! You're awesome!
    Now, tell me one thing... Don't you have facebook anymore?
    I had one but was deleted... Now I added two more... I'd like to know if any of them is real or both are fake...

  9. This is sick !! I love Nicki

  10. hey jarmaine you know the mac on beflurt is it authentic ? ...

    I know it's a silly question to ask but I just wanna make sure lol. More youtube gurus are saying mac is authentic this and then I find out it's not.

  11. that was HOT!! good one, i haven't heard that one.

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